Marla E on Nude Nite

What is Nude Nite? Nude Nite Artist, Marla E says it best.

2015 Nude Nite
Champaign Wishes & Caviar Dreams
Live Painting with caviar and champaign in front of 1,000’s of people~ 3 nights!!!


10957720_10153044385114500_2713168043269801949_nmy  “Caviar” and Champaign and acrylics that I use to paint with!

10959863_10153045156019500_2115997784366886730_n Thursday Night @ Nude Nite

FridayNNFriday Night @ Nude Nite

10999103_922206441153644_938972540267635754_oSaturday Night @ Nude Nite



Orange Nude-lg Orange Nude
33 x 42 • Urban Paper

AquaNude Aqua Nude
24 x 48 • Urban Plaster

The Red Glove The Red Glove
urban plaster
72 x 48
2014 Nude Nite Entry

nude nite pics for web
Montage of previous years at Nude Nite