Sunday Workshops

Sunday at The Art Studio of Marla E~Sunday Art Workshop~
Develop your skills…

The Sunday Workshop with Marla E is perfect for any skill level,
including beginners, 
because everyone will get personalized
attention and direction.

Things you will need~


color palette
Mars Black

Raw number
Ultramarine blue
Turquoise blue 
cerulean blue
Hookers green
Raw sienna
Red oxide
Yellow ochre
Cadmium yellow medium
Cadmium orange
Cadmium red medium
Titanium white

brushes:aqua backA variety of sizes… I prefer a stiffer  bristle
for control, with a flat or angled edge.

Also you will need:

drawing/sketch pad
flat canvases (canvas boards) and/or stretched, or wrapped canvases
and a palette for mixing are all good investments for getting started…

photo 2

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1 class: $40

4 classes / $140